Janet Lynn Das Sarma Postdoctoral Prize & Fellowship
Postdoctoral Prize Recipients

Yang-Zhi Chou - 2022

Ming Xie - 2023

Ryohei Kobayashi - 2023

Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipients

Katharina Laubscher - 2022

Yi Huang - 2023

David Long - 2023

Yuting Tan - 2023

Jihang Zhu - 2023
Photo of Janet Lynn Das Sarma The University of Maryland Condensed Matter Theory Center is honored to announce the establishment of the Condensed Matter Theory Center Janet Lynn Das Sarma Postdoctoral Prize & Fellowship. The prize, which is awarded on a non-annual basis to one CMTC postdoc for an exemplary research paper they produced in the preceding year, honors Janet Lynn Das Sarma who was committed to her support of CMTC postdocs throughout her entire 18 year career with the CMTC. CMTC also occasionally offers a JLDS postdoctoral fellowship to outstanding candidates.

Janet Lynn Das Sarma, who was the only CMTC administrator during the first 18 years of the CMTC's operation (2002-2019) until her untimely death in 2019, provided immeasurable support to CMTC postdocs throughout her career. Far exceeding the duties of her position, Janet Das Sarma took the care of all the CMTC postdocs and students as her personal responsibility, allowing the CMTC members to engage in productive and interactive research without any worries about administrative matters. She deeply touched the lives of more than 100 students and postdocs who passed through CMTC from 2002 to 2019. This prize is a unique honor presented for brilliant research, and is an extension of Janetís lasting legacy of supporting the CMTC postdocs in all of their endeavors.